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  • RT @Sixfever: Ahhh Baker is friends with Mason
  • The person with the baby! Smh!!! I mean you hate to see your shit get taken but your lives are more important and insurance will handle the rest.
  • RT @Marshall__Law13: This is my first time in my 25 years of life that I’ve ever seen a picture of Dr Seuss
  • Then threw more money at her!!! She made a cool $100 and this nigga aint even get any food.... everyone was baffled and confused at what took place.... and she was a lovely grandma with just a short haircut.
  • So while i was in line for this Calamari... this dude after paying for his food asked the cashier for a $10 bill instead of the 2 $5s when she said she didnt have it... dude went CRAZY!!! He threw the 2 $5s back at her, tipped her hat, called all types of dikes and shit

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