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  • @Neuro2343 Happy Spring Trini. Have a beautiful day and see you at tweet. 💖 😊
  • @FallonTonight @armiehammer @AJemaineClement @ScHoolboyQ Hot Damn. Happy Spring. See you tonight. 💖 😊 @FallonTonight @jimmyfallon
  • @jimmyfallon @armiehammer @AJemaineClement @ScHoolboyQ Morning Jimmy. Another great show coming our way. Good luck with the storm. Happy Spring and feel the love. 💖 😊 @FallonTonight @jimmyfallon
  • @LizOquendo Morning Liz, 🌷happy🌼 Spring 🌸. I hear a storm is coming your way, staff safe, warm and happy. See you at tweet tonight. 💖 😊
  • @awlasky Rest up today and it's time to hang up that hanger. Yes see you tonight. 💖 😊

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