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  • @missc4ts Happy Saturday Aurore. Jimmy is on in 1 hr 12 min but I'm fading fast and have to work early tomorrow so I may be 😴 with Jimmy dreams soon. Enjoy your summer day my dear. 💖😊
  • @FalpalsChoice We can do it cause "We are the FalPals". 💖 😊 @FallonTonight @jimmyfallon #FallonTonight
  • @SilvanaPetrucci Thanks Silvana I will. Sure wish he'd call. 💖 😊
  • @FallonTonight @bugha Amazing. Go Bugha! 💖 😊 @FallonTonight @jimmyfallon #FallonTonight
  • @FallonTonight @RachelBros They were pretty close. Loved Higgins explicit instructions, and sound effects. 💖 😊 @FallonTonight @jimmyfallon #FallonTonight #7Seconds

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