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  • RT @JohnHolbein1: Over the past few months, I've become increasingly concerned with a phenomenon that I've observed when it comes to my res…
  • @Fdr1942 @DarrickHamilton Thank you. Contrary to others, I think Twitter is excellent for learning about the research literature. Some of @DarrickHamilton’s research on policy is here and @demos_org data on the gap is here
  • “They look at me after a while and say, ‘I’m moving back to China and I’m going to start my company there.’”
  • RT @blakehounshell: The president has said nothing about 2 million people in Hong Kong marching against the creeping authoritarian reach of…
  • RT @BrendanNyhan: The President claims that impeaching him - a power explicitly granted to the House in the Constitution - is illegal. What…

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