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  • Damn I literally forgot about Twitter for 2 weeks. I’m back. Anything good happen on here recently?
  • @norvina1 @amrezy I’ll be in LA all week. Gimme some of that energy too though 😛
  • I’d love 2 do a giveaway of some sort for student to win a chance 2 attend #TheMasterClass NYC. My wish is 4 someone who really deserves it & who could really benefit from the experience & all the products in the gift bags.Leave me some ideas 🙏🏻
  • I bet this person is Albanian LOL. If you’re Albanian then you know why i said this 😂 (this one looks real btw but I can’t be sure unless I saw it in person)
  • @lifesaDrew With milk. But slowly introducing almond milk & coconut milk

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