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  • Malala Fund's Deema Hiram, from Afghanistan, is working to re-enroll girls who are out of school because of the Taliban’s ban on education. Watch full video to learn more:
  • Are you more like STEM-inist @kiara_nirghin, literacy advocate @amandascgorman, tech entrepreneur @betelhem_dessie or climate change activist @Jamie_Margolin? Take this quiz and we'll tell you whose leadership style matches yours. ➡️⬅️
  • If there’s an issue you care about or a change you want to see happen in your community, how do you know where to begin? @Malala and other young advocates discuss why they decided to speak out against injustice and finding your voice.
  • "Every girl has a unique story... Each has a fight within them. My hope for the future is that more girls have good education within their villages."
  • For Ayesha, a gender equality activist from Sierra Leone, fighting sexism means defying tradition. For Hibatu from Ghana, it means educating her family. Teen activists from around the world discuss feminism, frustrations and self-care: via @NPR.

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