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  • RT @DavidBegnaud: If a banana with duct tape can garner $120,000 as "art", someone should host a showing of the top 100 Puerto Rican dishes…
  • RT @kroywen79: Sound on .. 2 parts swipe ⬅️: Madame ❌ rehab - Getting back into the swing of things so she is Show Ready for Philly !!! Sa…
  • RT @DavidBegnaud: FEMA grants $44 million + to the University of Puerto Rico to cover costs for emergency protective measures related to Hu…
  • Los Angeles join me! Pop up full body workout class this wed nov 20 12:45pm all madamextour tickets holders get $5 off location 730 N la Brea @ madcity Boxing gym
  • @andrewkimmel @ICEgov @RepJayapal This us a perfect example of a man not respecting a woman in her position...

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