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  • Just in time for drafts this weekend ... my updated Top 200 and individual position ranks. Will be updated throughout the weekend.
  • @Squared1122 @YahooNoise RB 40 (Y) or RB 49 (ESPN) my point remains. He’s basically free and he IS going to get significant playing time.
  • @YahooNoise That’s a fair take. Depends on roster construction & what you need there. If you need someone who will play consistently it’s Ballage. If you want to swing for fences it’s Darwin or Devin. I like Kalen more than you, obviously but clearly if I’m wrong it won’t cost much at E or Y
  • RT @statmuse: There are so many fantasy draft questions you can ask @MatthewBerryTMR on Alexa, so we made you a handy cheat sheet. 👉 https…
  • Why David Johnson should be one of the top 4 players drafted this year.

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