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  • Btw those of us who started the Saints D/ST are losing points rapidly because of the insane lack of awareness by the NO “hands team.” Potentially a second onside kick recovered for even more Bears junk time. What a bizarre fantasy day.
  • Um, if David Johnson was so hurt that he was only going to play “in an emergency” why did you risk further injuring your franchise RB by giving him the first carry of the game? That was an emergency? Please fave if you hate the @AZCardinals twitter handle as much as me right now.
  • RT @FantasyLifeApp: If you’re into breaking fantasy news (like inactives, injuries, trades and more) we got you: 📲
  • Well that’s sure helpful.... NOW. Argh. DJ was a decoy. And Edmonds sat on a bunch of people’s benches. Brutal. #fantasyheartbreak
  • @HoarseWisperer Good for you man. That’s awesome. Kids are the best.

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