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  • @JohnTuckerPhD @dsobek @DrDavidHealy Publicly calling out someone for a public statement is not censorship. You can’t censor a comment by propagating it. Whether United should have done something about the shirt is a different debate.
  • @jq1234t @PearlF @natashaloder @adamfeuerstein @bradloncar Definitely.
  • @jq1234t @PearlF @natashaloder @adamfeuerstein @bradloncar Also true. Said upthread: depends how you set up the price controls. If mechanism uses competition, me-toos suffer. If it just cranks down prices, probably hurts innovative drugs.
  • @PearlF @natashaloder @adamfeuerstein @bradloncar Right.
  • @jamie_love @natashaloder @adamfeuerstein @bradloncar And orphan pricing resulted, I’d argue, from the fragmented US insurance system.

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