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  • @Hall8Jack @BiotechObserver @jq1234t @MauriceOnTW @sentivcapital The FDA's own analysis of CRLs indicated companies are routinely not truthful about their contents. I'm not proposing any theory about Sarepta here, just pointing out that the FDA has said the reason it doesn't make CRLs public is because it can't.
  • @kimbatronic @RMac18 You, sir, are a monster.
  • RT @HelenBranswell: Always worth asking the people who have the answers. Merck says it cannot sell an unlicensed product. It's donating the…
  • RT @meggophone: Lots of talk about esketamine today! Here's my story from before its approval, which looks at the evidence, the excitement,…
  • @BiotechObserver You never know what something says until you read it.

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