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  • RT @mkraju: After 10 hours behind closed doors, US Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland is done testifying.
  • Don't forget we have a Trump rally still to come tonight... Anyone dare to take bets on what new thing we'll all be talking about this time tomorrow night? It's only Thursday.
  • RT @Fahrenthold: One great thing about spending 3 yrs on the Trump Org. beat: we have a big pile of data on revenue, occupancy, etc at Trum…
  • RT @Acosta: The source questioned what Mulvaney was talking about when he acknowledged a quid pro quo, tying the aid being held up for Ukra…
  • RT @kristin__wilson: Per Graham, he and POTUS are back to being bffs, saying Trump said to him: "‘When I get back in town, I’ll go over it…

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