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  • RT @coreeconteam: Congratulations to Esther Duflo, joint winner of the #NobelPrize in economics 2019. Here is the #EconomistsinAction video…
  • @EOrtizOspina @OurWorldInData On @ATabarrok is doing a great job in summarizing why they received the prize. This is how he summarizes Kremer’s population paper (so much better than I did in this thread above!)
  • @EOrtizOspina @OurWorldInData Nobel laureates Banerjee and Duflo also studied the microcredit revolution, for which Muhammad Yunus received the Peace Nobel in 2006. Here is their key paper (open access) They see some positives, but are not as enthusiastic as many were in 2006.
  • @OskariOinonen Living costs are not same everywhere and that’s why they are taken into account as explained in this entry.
  • @EOrtizOspina @OurWorldInData I’m also happy about it because it means that there are now more Nobel winners who are users. Here are Duflo and Banerjee discussing our chart on the long-term history of extreme poverty. [more on this:]

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