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  • I’m writing about the division of labor in the modern economy. There are many texts on how many people work together to produce even the simplest products (e.g. ‘I Pencil’ Are there good visual representations of this collaboration between thousands?
  • In one of the visualizations from this text I compare countries’ GDP per capita in 1950 and 2016. All countries below the diagonal line are poorer now than back then. That some places that were poor back then got even poorer is one of the biggest failures of the last decades.
  • Actually just last month a petition on this question succeeded. So that the Bundestag will discuss the tampon taxation. Here is a German article on it
  • On tampons you pay the normal VAT of 19% in Germany. On books however Germans only pay 7% VAT. So there is this shop – with the slogan ‘Stop taxing periods. Period.’ – that sells tampons as a book. [here is the shop]
  • The culmination of a decade of work. @simonihay and coauthors just published the most comprehensive global maps of malaria in a new Lancet paper. Open access: The two maps below show the declining incidence of the malaria parasites Plasmodium falciparum.

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