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  • @BLACKCOTTONCNDY Tonight you're a star... and I'm the big dipper
  • @Iberia_en @Iberia @iberia_en No response here, either? I'm going to try by DM...
  • @PayPal Help, I'm trapped in an automated circle of help with your Spanish customer support and can't contact a human. I want to cancel a Paypal plus transfer while it's still pending. Sending deets via DM. Thanks!
  • @Iberia_en I have a problem with how my name appears on my ticket, because IberiaPlus has an incorrect 2o apellido and it was impossible to change my info. Can you help? I tried contacting @iberia by DM, but they didn't respond :(
  • @timbuk2 Hi--do you have a warranty on your bags? I bought one for my partner less than two years ago (from Wardow in Germany) and it has a hole in the bottom already. Can you help??

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