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  • I may be the only one cheering at this British themed sports bar in Las Vegas, but damn it feels good.
  • #thechosenJuan
  • Why yes, I am losing my mind in a car outside a Pete Buttigieg event in Nevada as Juan Soto hits a two-run double! (Headed in... shortly)
  • Buttigieg: "I do believe that taxes on the wealthiest individuals should go up and that'll be part of how we pay fors for some of the other things I'm proposing... But (for this plan) it's the Trump corporate rate cut rollback plus one to two hundred million in savings.”
  • Buttigieg, in response to ?s from CNN, further explained how he would pay for Medicare for All Who Want It tonight in Las Vegas, saying $1.5T over 10 years would be primarily funded by rolling back Trump's corporate tax cut plus savings from prescription drug pricing negotiation.

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