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  • Tonight: “runboyrun “ and “ In Old Age,” by @mfudofia, at @NYTW79
  • RT @hellerNYT: Do you have questions about the theater season that our critics can answer? Write to and I'll pu…
  • Tonight's play: "Eureka Day," by @spectorjon, at Walkerspace via @Colt_Coeur. And happy to be joined by @amyvirshup.
  • As @SlavePlayBway arrives on Broadway, we asked @EricGrode to take a look at the history of shows that seemed shocking, at least to some, in their day. Here are 10 that caused a stir.
  • A new Broadway show, "Slave Play," explores the lingering wound of slavery in ways that are often funny but also unsettling. The playwright's advice? “Enjoy the show. Or don’t...And leave the theater and talk about it. That’s why I wrote it.”

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