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  • Every year on 9/11, I remember meeting and working with LTG Timothy J. Maude, who was killed at the Pentagon | Pentagon Memorial Fund
  • Are we not at least concerned (if not freaked out) by this? UBS says Trump's trade war is pushing the world into recession like a 'frog getting boiled' — and the bank slashed its global growth forecasts | Markets Insider
  • Beacon Hill, I think
  • @Timcast Let's talk about this when you're on the receiving end of Neo-Nazi hatred. Remember this -- First they came for the _______, then they came for ________. When you're in the second blank, then you'll understand.
  • I can't believe William Gibson's Neuromancer isn't on this list. Not is Phillip K Dick's Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep. 11 of the best dystopian novels everyone should read

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