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  • Terrorism always affects innocent people. As global attention may fade, the lives of victims, their families and friends are changed forever. But they are not alone. We stand united against terrorism today and every day. #SurvivingTerrorism
  • 51 years today since #praguespring and movement of Czechoslovakia towards democracy was crushed. Let’s remember today the valour of the victims and remind ourselves that democracy is never granted. It needs to be protected and cultivated every day. #NeverForget
  • Pleased to officially welcome amb. Bridget Brink @USEmbassySK to Slovakia. We are thrilled to have you in Bratislava! Ready to work together to keep 🇸🇰🇺🇸 friendship & our transatlantic family strong.
  • In August, Georgia commemorates wars and their victims. During this time of reflection, I call on all sides to work towards peace, re-build bridges and put the local population first. The status quo is not acceptable - those affected by conflict deserve better.
  • For too long, young people have been shut out of our discussions, or dismissed as part of the problem. Now we know that we cannot achieve any of our goals and objectives without them. Read more here: #YouthDay

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