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  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told me Pelosi should move off opposition to an impeachment inquiry: “The pressure to impeach grows every single day and .. public testimony from Robert Mueller will add credence to the case and it only adds to the pressure once his statements” are public
  • Rep. Justin Amash, the lone GOP supporter of an impeachment inquiry, told me this morning that “I do” want Mueller to go beyond the four corners of the report. He said that he wants Mueller to “tell the story to the American people.”
  • Sen. Ron Johnson appeared to choke up when referring to photo of a father and child lying face down on Rio Grande. “I don’t want to see another picture like that on the U.S. border,” Johnson, adding: We need to start doing something, it’s well past time.” Per @priscialva
  • Reps. Veronica Escobar and Jan Schakowsky - two supporters of an impeachment inquiry - told me Mueller testimony will strengthen push for impeachment inquiry. But Adam Schiff tamped that down, told me people should have “realistic expectations” about the testimony
  • Trump claims on Fox Business that Twitter is “making it very hard” to “get out my message.” He says “so many people” are telling him they “can’t” follow him on Twitter.

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