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  • @cmeathrell What cat???
  • @thenEDIEsaid Saaaame.
  • RT @Meadbymead: This is a totally normal reaction to getting diarrhea.
  • @thenEDIEsaid I mean the pilot is a teacher (according to the law) rapes his 15 year old student & it ended with them being married like it’s a good thing. The show was FUCKED. Pretty sure GOT has a lot of that too. But also magic & dragons.
  • @thenEDIEsaid Literally not at all. That was so fucked up (I predicted it like 6 mos in advance & was like “they’d never, that would be awful”) but overall, yes. I think they did the a good job tying up a messy story no one wanted or knew how to end. Ravenswood ruined everything

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