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  • Japanese parliament forms group for "promotion of a vegetarian- and vegan-related systems" to make sure there are enough restaurants to accommodate inbound visitors
  • @duyeonkim @KathyHSMoon @AmbKennedy_ret @RachelBronson1 @AmbStephens @junghpak1 @SueMiTerry @katrinkatz1 @mhanham @Eunjung_VOA @annafifield @BBCLBicker @klustout @amcoren Thank you @duyeonkim!
  • “We won’t know because we didn’t try.” Top U.S. diplomat in Northern Syria on Trump Administration failure to try to avert Turkish military strike via @NYTimes
  • Secrecy about hidden, unearned wealth “helps reinforce the idea that it is only individual choices, not laws and policies, as well as our national history, that comes into building wealth” via @NYTimes
  • @terrymorse @amy_harmon Sorry to hear. Try following @KendraWrites @LFFriedman @CoralMDavenport @HirokoTabuchi @jswatz and see if their climate change coverage doesn’t lure you back!

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