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  • @tiddlesfry @MogFleetCommand @ChisnallJean @555SMOKEY @octo_army @BeansyKitty @Ms_Pud @Midnightpurrs @FrufruB @Morrigan_Kitteh @Kernow_Kitteh @SpannerCat1 My usual please and the paper to sit on obvs... *smirks*
  • @SquirtTheCat @MrMoustacheCat I can't think WHY everyone is giggling! #situp #mogyog
  • @fluffybasil @MrMoustacheCat @SquirtTheCat Dashame! #situp #mogyog
  • @MrMoustacheCat @SquirtTheCat @WinnieWoo17 @Cat_In_Charge @6327carole @AngusMcPussPuss @3coolkatz Oh dear oh dear, whatever shall I do. Wherever can I hide! #situp #mogyog
  • @Cat_MarsEchelon @RosieRoseLA @nesjloch @MrMoustacheCat @3coolkatz @SquirtTheCat @fluffybasil @littertray3 Fanx you. It's lovely to see my favourite pals. *rushes enthusiastically to greet pals he's missed for far too many months* I rarely get to tweet these days but nevertheless it doesn't mean I'm not thinking about you all. #situp #mogyog

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