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  • @MjRodriguez7 @voguemagazine @BottegaVeneta @Ben_Amun 👏👏GORGEOUS and yes will it into existence because that's an issue I'll line up to buy! 🤩
  • @fuggirls We said the same thing. Jennie looks great. And show is so fun. I thought it would have been more The Comeback ish but this is great too. 👌🏼 (Tho spouses bother me. It’s weird. Wish they just mentioned the real ones if they wouldn’t be on it. But the scripted ones throw me off)
  • @billyeichner INFLUENCER! 🤩
  • @fuggirls I was just going to say I had the mens version I wore in high school all the time. But in Canada we didn't have LL Bean, so mine was Roots.
  • THIS 👇#MyPresident

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