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  • Dr. @MarzyehGhassemi spoke about "Learning Healthy Models for Healthcare" at MSR Montreal’s Distinguished Lecture Series at @MILAMontreal. She discussed some of the many novel technical opportunities for #ML to tackle that stem from health challenges: #AI
  • RT @MicrosoftLatinx: Today, we highlight @dioselin, Principal Software Architect for @msftresearch, who shares her story about advocating f…
  • Watch @DanrkPorts explain how the Prometheus project takes advantage of new hardware in the datacenter co-designed with distributed systems: #FutureDisrupt
  • Microsoft researchers are working on exciting advancements in the field of HCI. Sign up for the Microsoft Research Newsletter to receive updates on our emerging technology: #CHI2019
  • Resource Central explores how to create intelligent and efficient cloud platforms with machine learning techniques. Anand Bonde explains how RC collects telemetry from virtual machines and servers, and can predict their future behaviors: #FutureDisrupt

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