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  • Don't miss your opportunity to chat with our experts about the latest research in spoken language processing at #Interspeech2019. Stop by our booth to learn about exciting career opportunities all week! Full schedule:
  • RT @MSFT_Business: David Carmona, GM of Artificial Intelligence at @Microsoft, discusses a framework for long-term and near-term #AI ROI. L…
  • RT @benzorn: Great to see @MSFTResearch colleague @sebburckhardt working with the #DurableFunctions team! #serverless #consistency #consi…
  • In a video for @WeAreComputing, our own Simon Peyton Jones explains what the new computing curriculum in England is all about and why it's so important. Hear how NCCE gives teachers the tools and confidence to inspire the next generation of young learners:
  • The Microsoft booth is seeing lots of excitement at the Fourth Conference of Research Software Engineering at the University of Birmingham, UK. Come chat with our experts today at #UKRSE19!

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