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  • Could the Moon be a potential source of water production? 🤔 Solar wind streams protons to the Moon, which interacts w/ electrons to make hydrogen atoms. These atoms latch onto oxygen in the lunar soil — making hydroxl, a component of water. 🌊 Take a dip:
  • Welcome to a mock spacecraft where crewmembers live for 45 days & emulate a real space mission, w/ 16-hour work days & a flight-like timeline of activities. The 5th Human Exploration Research Analog Campaign has just “lifted off.” Learn more:
  • Look up! Tonight's #supermoon appears larger & brighter than any other full Moon this year.
  • Swimming like solar tadpoles from the ☀️, newly found plasma jets spark a clue to an age-old mystery about our 🌟's upper atmosphere. At 200 X's hotter than the sun’s surface, charged particle disruptions from this region can even reach Earth. Details:
  • 🌡️ Lows of -138°F (-95°C) with SW winds peaking at 37.8 mph... Daily weather reports from Mars 🔴 start today, thanks to data from our @NASAInSight lander! Follow the temperature, wind, and air pressure trends as seasons change on the Red Planet:

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