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  • Fifty years ago, we pioneered a path to the Moon. Today, our calling to explore is even greater. We’re going to the Moon to stay — and then to forge a path to Mars and beyond. #Artemis is the next chapter of human space exploration:
  • RT @Space_Station: A Russian Soyuz spacecraft will attempt a second docking on Monday at 11:12pm ET. Three station residents will first swa…
  • Did you know that all 50 states are helping us explore space? It's true! From universities to #smallbiz in towns from coast-to-coast, there are space connections in communities across the country. Dive in and explore how your home is helping explore space:
  • RT @NASA_Johnson: Hardware designed and manufactured by high school students is used regularly on the @space_station. 🛰️ Bob Zeek and Stacy…
  • University students: do you have a BIG idea — that's Breakthrough, Innovative and Game-changing — for technologies to explore the shadowed regions of the Moon? Participate in the challenge that will fund 5-10 teams to bring their designs to life:

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