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  • #Artemis: Twin sister of Apollo, goddess of the Moon and epitome of America’s next chapter in space exploration. 🚀 With our goal of sending humans to Mars, we're going back to the Moon to stay and Artemis is leading the way. Uncover a new era:
  • “There are all sorts of jobs — mission design, mission operations, data analysis, modeling. You need to think about what you like doing most.” Fran Bagenal has worked on many exciting missions, including: @NASAVoyager, @NASAJuno and @NASANewHorizons.
  • It’s the LAST DAY to apply for our #NASASocial event on Jan. 14 at @NASA_Wallops to learn about our mission to study snow storms as you: 🛩️ Climb aboard research aircraft 🎈 See a weather balloon launch 🤳 Meet pilots Apply before 11:59pm ET:
  • @laura_hubbs
  • @Jsherms10 The Geminids are visible tonight, into the early morning hours:

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