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  • @deirdreheenan "The banners were very sinister. I think they were a very deliberate and coordinated attempt to try to intimidate me," Finucane says. "But I'm focusing on a very positive message because this election is too important to be fought from the gutter” (7/8)
  • Analysis: Something President Trump's DOJ and the ACLU agree on — the IG report on the Russia probe shows the process for getting secret warrants is badly flawed.
  • @deirdreheenan Last month, anonymous activists put up gruesome banners in Belfast alleging the Finucane family is "steeped in the blood of our innocents," claiming Finucane's father was a member of the IRA, the deadliest group in the troubles (6/8)
  • @deirdreheenan Finucane was 8 years old when his father was killed in one of the most high profile murders of the troubles. Now, this electoral battle has seen a revival of bitter rhetoric, threats of widespread violence, and talk the UK itself might break apart (5/8)
  • @deirdreheenan The Good Friday Agreement in 1998 ended the bloodshed, for the most part, and allowed these two communities to live in something approaching peace, but Belfast Mayor John Finucane’s election campaign is an example of how Brexit has disturbed this fragile balance (4/8)

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