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  • RT @NASA: Neil Armstrong: “That's one small step for a man; one giant leap for mankind.” As these words were spoken 50 years ago now, hist…
  • Wow, great game! @Dodgers at @Phillies | @MLB Game of the Week Live on YouTube via @YouTube
  • Cant wait! @Dodgers at @Phillies | @MLB Game of the Week Live on YouTube via @YouTube
  • One of the announcements from my #VidconUS keynote last week that I am most excited about is the Learning Playlists feature on @YouTube -- a collection of videos on specific topics organized into lessons from beginner to advanced.
  • #ICYMI in all the #VidconUS news last week, new capabilities our @YTCreators had been asking for for a long time: More information and better tools to resolve manual Content ID claims via @YTCreators

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