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  • "I'm used to running behind," says 2020 candidate @michaelbennet about not yet qualifying for the next debate. "I'm the only candidate in the race who has won two tough national races in a purple state."
  • "The end game is clear: to have China stop engaging in these acts of economic aggression that cost us over 70,000 factories and over 5 million manufacturing jobs over the last decade," says Peter Navarro, top trade adviser to Pres. Trump, about the administration's trade policy
  • "I hope that Israel will reverse the whole decision and let Congresswoman Omar in as well. That's a sign of strength, confidence and democracy," fmr Sen. Joseph Lieberman says about Israel allowing Rep. Tlaib to visit the West Bank on humanitarian grounds
  • JUST IN: Bomb squad officers have deemed two suspicious packages found around a downtown New York City subway station safe, according to the New York Police Department. The items were pressure cookers, according to two law enforcement sources.
  • Voters in 2018 overwhelmingly supported redistricting reform in 4 states. Now, Republicans are trying to roll back results. "You change the rules, you change the game and that's threatening to partisan politicians who gamed the system for decades," @JohnAvlon says #RealityCheck

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