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  • "When she talks about inclusivity and authenticity and celebrates the diversity of who we are ... it changes and saves lives." @chelywright, the first country music singer to reveal she is gay, on Taylor Swift’s new video and its LGBT+ positive message.
  • "The mayor seems like she's understanding what took place." Dravon Ames tells @EricaRHill he believes the Phoenix mayor's apology in the wake of an incident in which local police drew guns on his family after their 4-year-old daughter stole a doll.
  • President Trump's campaign has fired multiple pollsters after unflattering numbers leaked. "This is a President who does not deal well with bad news," says @EricaRHill. "We're at a point where the bad news has to be leaked to get to the President somehow."
  • "Welcome to a new chapter in the disinformation wars." In his #RealityCheck, @JohnAvlon reviews why the US State Dept. has suspended funding of an anti-Iran group that was targeting American journalists considered too soft on Iran.
  • "Robert Mueller wrote the book ... most Americans won't read the book, they have to see the movie." @SenBlumenthal highlights the importance of Mueller coming forward to testify in the investigation of President Trump.

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