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  • Analyzing the Mueller report, @ChrisCuomo says: "Asking matters Jim. If I ask you to punch Mr. Meadows and you don't do it, the request was still wrong." @RepMarkMeadows: "The request may have been wrong but it's not a crime unless he assaults me" Cuomo: "Is that our standard?"
  • The Democrats didn't get what they wanted from the Mueller report, @smerconish says. "The real story here is that by Mueller's design, they were never going to get it, because he was never going to make a finding of legal wrong doing by the President."
  • "At least five -- that's the number of times the report says President Trump asked senior aides to lie." CNN's @JohnAvlon breaks down the Mueller report by the numbers. #RealityCheck
  • Do voters care about the Mueller report? Will it influence their decision in the 2020 election? CNN's @miguelmarquez asks some of them.
  • Attorney General Barr "embarrassed himself," with his press conference yesterday, says Independent @SenAngusKing, using a football analogy to explain what happened: "Mueller passed the obstruction question to the Congress and Barr intercepted the pass."

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