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  • When Bill Taylor "got done with his opening statement... you could hear a pin drop in the room," says Rep. Jim Himes about the closed-door testimony by the top US diplomat in Ukraine. "The Republicans are trying to defend the indefensible."
  • RT @JohnBerman: JUST NOW: "My nose is not a heat seeking missile for the president's backside!" Well that was something...@RepCharlieDent…
  • "This tragic, ill-informed mistake by our President weakens the United States' position," says Sen. @ChrisCoons about the Syria policy. "We've lost our seat at the table for any future negotiations... And most critically, we've emboldened ISIS."
  • In his midweek grades, @CillizzaCNN gives Sen. Bernie Sanders an 'A' for a powerful return to the campaign trail after a heart attack. Sen. Elizabeth Warren gets a 'B' for "Medicare for All" which he says is her "clear weakness."
  • "It's pretty obvious that pressure was being put on the Ukrainian president in order to get him to come out publicly... and say that he was going to start this investigation that the President wanted," says Rep. Mikie Sherrill about Bill Taylor's testimony

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