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  • In an act of heroism, Montecito, Calif., firefighter Maeve Juarez saved her neighbors from mudslides. "Juarez worked for over 36 hours, focused on saving lives, despite almost losing hers," @StephanieElam reports.
  • North Carolina elections board has voted for a new election in congressional race. “This brazen case of alleged election fraud … shows how partisan operatives try to manipulate our democracy to hold onto power,” @johnAvlon says in today’s #RealityCheck.
  • Ex-Trump campaign aide Jessica Denson is suing to void nondisclosure agreements within the Trump administration after she says she encountered workplace retaliation. "These NDAs created an environment where people...felt like they could act with impunity."
  • “We are going to use … legal remedies, legislative remedies, court remedies if we need to. This report belongs to the American people. They have a right to know the truth,” Rep. @davidcicilline says about the Mueller report.
  • RT @ChristineRomans: Reviving debate over whether college athletes should be paid.

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