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  • I even see it when I come online . Because i go on stage , get seen on tv, get papped going for a coffee or whatever . People feel like they know you know and they just don’t. Just be nice to everyone and the world will be a much better place and social media is a good start
  • People sitting on their phones talking to people they’ve never met from the other side of the world, calling eachother all sorts.
  • The way people talk to eachother online is disgusting. There’s no way you would ever say half of the stuff you do to someone’s face.Bravery behind the buttons of a phone. It’s a real shame as half the time , you don’t know the person you are talking to . Would anyone agree ?
  • RT @JKCorden: Oh my god. This is just sensational. Please watch and retweet.
  • @ohfireaway Bless you. Wish you knew me on a personal level .

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