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  • As Steph Curry gets ready to enter his 11th NBA season, Steve Kerr believes the superstar guard is at the ‘peak’ of his basketball powers both physically and mentally. Kerr believes Curry’s prime can last for a few more years.
  • Kerr says Marquese Chriss has been the ‘surprise of camp.’ Chriss expected to start again Monday vs. Lakers. He’s really made a good first impression over first few weeks and forced Warriors into some tough decisions.
  • I wish I could watch this Texans-Chiefs game with Ryan Pace.
  • @jon_greenberg This made me sad. Mini cheeseburgers no pickles 4 life.
  • Poole, 20, had a good line when asked if he feels the age divide in the Warriors locker room at times with some of the veteran players. “They’ll be watching the news,” Poole said. “I’ll be watching Sponge Bob.”

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