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  • My old friend Sidney Rittenberg, an American who stayed in China after the 1949 Communist revolution, and then was alternately feted by Mao and imprisoned by him, is dead at 98. What an incredible life. RIP.
  • RT @SaraGentzler: Worth a read: @NickKristof spotlights Seattle for what he calls its “bold approach to narcotics that should be a model fo…
  • RT @maziarbahari: 10 years imprisonment and 148 lashes for journalism! @wrightr @IgnatiusPost @meslackman @Joelcpj @NPRinskeep @SergeMichel…
  • Hong Kong police were firing non-lethal bullets today at the democracy protest I covered. So I poked around online and found a Chinese supplier charging half a cent per round for "high quality rubber bullets": . They're ok for "household" purposes. Huh?
  • Riot police charge a democracy protest i was covering in Hong Kong, firing tear gas and arresting a few people. A few protesters threw Molotov cocktails. Police are more heavy handed than necessary or wise, in ways…

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