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  • RT @Fahrenthold: NEW: The Secret Service paid @realdonaldtrump's business ***$1,900 a day*** for his first 5 months in office, as agents fo…
  • RT @KateBennett_DC: Fiona Hill, at 11: “She put the fire out with her hands, and finished the test.”…
  • As the son of a refugee who was welcomed by America, I find this deeply sad.
  • @axios @felixsalmon Interesting essay, but I question the assertion that financial literacy doesn't work. Yes, there have been some studies showing it doesn't work. But others, including RCTs with IDA's that included or didn't include fin lit, suggest it does work. It's a mixed picture.
  • @GerardAraud When I was a teenager I worked for a summer on a farm near Lyon to work on my French. The farmer i stayed with always impressed me with his capacity to enjoy a glass of wine with breakfast.

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