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  • RT @brianstelter: Watch @AndersonCooper's obituary for his mother Gloria Vanderbilt. "What an extraordinary life. What an extraordinary mom…
  • What kind of creative are you? #mycreativetype #teamVisionary
  • ‘It’s the stories behind these pieces that make them so magical.’ Spanning over 500 years of history, from the Mughal Empire to present day, the Maharajas & Mughal Magnificence collection is a must see @ChristiesInc
  • RT @iSmashFizzle: Hey, Y'all! @AptTherapy came to my apartment and took a lot of photos (and VIDEO!) of me, Kelly, and Astro lounging aroun…
  • RT @AptTherapy: Congrats on the Tony @StephanieJBlock! #tbt to when @tbella took a tour of her Broadway dressing room on @TheCherShow http…

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