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  • @MicrosoftHelps I've been unable to power the xbox on, no startup sound, no fans running (I don't think it's getting any power or turning itself on at all) nothing on tv screen either.
  • @MicrosoftHelps Thanks for reaching out. Yeah went through those steps. It's saying the console needs to be serviced, but I really believe it's the power brick based on what I've seen.
  • @tafkatp Yeah good idea on trying someone else's brick. I'll see if I can find someone local.
  • @Buddy8705 @XboxSupport 😆
  • @tafkatp Looks like it's not getting any power, no startup noise, no lights, no noise of any kind...there is a chance it could be the unit itself, but from my research I've seen many others with same power brick issues and fixed it via new brick

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