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  • 1. Will Joe Biden stand up to the scrutiny? 2. Does Elizabeth Warren make the most of commanding the stage? 3. How much of a focus is President Trump? Those are just some of the questions heading into the first Democratic presidential debate.
  • President Trump will sign an executive order on price transparency in health care aimed at lowering rising costs by showing prices to patients. But like several of his other health policy announcements, the order doesn't spell out specific actions.
  • The Treasury Department's internal watchdog is launching an investigation into the postponement of a redesigned $20 featuring Harriet Tubman.
  • The Supreme Court ordered documents unsealed in a death-penalty case out of Alabama. The blacked-out information, a rarity for the court, involves the drugs and protocol Alabama uses for executions.
  • Supreme Court Strikes Down Ban On Trademarking 'Immoral,' 'Scandalous' Words, Symbols

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