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  • Our latest report on ed tech use found teachers in high-poverty schools are more likely to cite lack of access to devices as a barrier to using digital learning tools. Find out what else we learned here:
  • We just published More, Less or Just Different? Ed Tech in High vs. Low Poverty Schools via @Medium. @tonikaclayton @cameronewhite @justin_wedell
  • RT @EdMarketBrief: Latino #education entrepreneurs are underrepresented in #education investors' portfolios according to a report released…
  • Check out our new blog via @Medium: Do teachers & students from different socioeconomic backgrounds perceive & use #edtech differently? Also, ICYMI, read our thoughts on the latest report on #edtech use in schools:
  • Annnnnd another one! Congrats to @diversity_talks founder Kiara Butler for being featured on @Forbes 30 under 30 list!

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