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  • @diversity_talks Thank you for your work to bring more diversity into education!
  • Congrats to Kiara Butler, from our venture @diversity_talks , for being featured in the Providence Journal newspaper! Check out the article on her work to #diversifyed
  • RT @FrancesMessano: @nsvf is hiring! If you have an interest in joining our Diverse Leaders and/or Innovative Schools investment teams, ple…
  • RT @one_TILT: Reflecting on what #leadership means to us @nsvf Diverse Leaders community of practice! #diversifyed
  • Check out our venture @PGeducator and the conf. they recently had to discuss the social and professional challenges male educators of color face. “The relationship [students] have back with you may be a little deeper for those boys of color.” #diversifyed #edleadersofcolor

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