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  • "The sounds returned. A flock of ravens circled over my head. One of them landed nearby on broad rustling wings."
  • What's the “gold standard” for an Instagram post by @PamelaPaulNYT, the editor of the Book Review? (Hint: It involves more than books.) Find the answer, and more Times journalists to follow, here:
  • In "Dark Money," the journalist Jane Mayer argues that the Koch brothers and a small number of allied plutocrats essentially hijacked American democracy
  • Nell Zink's "Doxology" is "the novel of the summer and possibly the year," says @DwightGarner
  • Doing the artwork for a book is "like composing a ballet or a piece of music: You build to a climax.” The illustrator Charles Santore has died. His NYT obit:

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