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  • His hurdling career began with childhood ingenuity. “We kids used to take old car seats, burn the fabric off them and then jump over them in the street." Harrison Dillard has died at 96.
  • Terry O’Neill, who spent a lifetime capturing memorable images of musicians, movie stars and other celebrity gods, has died
  • A man in a doctor’s office is reading an eye chart that says, in letters of diminishing size, “I am an insane eye doctor and I am going to kill you now,” while behind him a crazed doctor prepares to attack him with a knife.
  • Jake Burton Carpenter was fascinated with the Snurfer, but he wanted to make it better. His result: the snowboard.
  • Mr. Doehner was eight years old and traveling with his parents, brother and sister, when the Hindenburg, an immense German zeppelin that had spent three days crossing the Atlantic, erupted in flames.

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