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  • "You ARE what you tell yourself you are." ~ @JackCanfield #SpringIntoSuccess #PowerOfAffirmations Who are you telling yourself you are? Fill in the blank “I am_____________”
  • Every little change and choice counts!
  • @Janetfan4life You're so sweet! May all the blessings, happiness and joy wishes you sent to me, @wouldnotmind and @TimmyVallas return to you multiplied!! As long as you are breathing there is a purpose and whatever you are doing right now it is part of it. Much love!
  • "Remember: you can’t control what happens to you... But you CAN control how you respond -- and it’s your response that determines your outcomes in life." ~ @JackCanfield #SpringIntoSuccess #Clarity
  • RT @LUISA_GB: Let's choose happiness! #InternationalDayOfHappiness

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