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  • @SparksAnthony What an incredible way to offer your talent. This season speaks to your Service thru Art. So grateful to you, @ava and the entire #QueenSugar team. Bravo Bravo!👏🏽👏🏽
  • @ARRAYNow @ava @feliciapride @thisthatchloe Y’all WROTE that thing! I’m still 😢#QueenSugar
  • @iamaniesia This is what I look like right now I am my own crying Gif watching. #QueenSugar
  • @SikuthaniMeg For sure. Especially for children. #QueenSugarTalks
  • @NefertariNkenge @IyanlaVanzant @ARRAYNow @DjentuhPeter @rashadrobinson But don’t you think trauma informed conversations mvmnt are at least an acknowledgement of what happened to you? Which is a much better question than “what’s wrong with yoy

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