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  • Well done @CPME_EUROPA ! Article 168 of the Lisbon treaty reads: „A high level of human health protection shall be ensured in the definition and implementation of all Union policies and activities...“ Wouldn‘t it be nice, if the #EU lives up to its own standards?
  • RT @Jacques_dH: The Turkish Med Ass @ttborgtr only said what the WMA @medwma Statement on Armed Conflicts states clearly: «Physicians shoul…
  • Attending the court hearing against ⁦@ttborgtr⁩ officers in Ankara today @medWMA ⁦@CPME_EUROPA⁩ #support_TMA
  • In Ankar @Jacques_dH Past-President @CPME_EUROPA @ttborgtr: the European Medical Associations stand with you #support_TMA
  • RT @CPME_EUROPA: Panel discussion this evening in Ankara, on “Professional Autonomy & Defending Peace”. CPME stands by the Turkish Medical…

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