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  • Who let the dogs ... IN? As each day sees new politicians entering a crowded 2020 field, potential Presidential pups are moving the meter. But what happens when the constituents prefer the canines to the candidate? 🐶🐕
  • "Getting Wonky" and "Nerding Out" ... Two of the catchphrases @SenWarren is leaning on as she seeks to set herself apart from a robust Democratic field heading towards 2020.
  • "We have a crisis in the United States. The crisis is the President of the United States...the Constitution gives us one solution, which is to impeach him and remove him from office." @TomSteyer continues to press Dems. to start impeachment proceedings.
  • "You have to ask yourself the question: is the President looking after the interests of the United States, or looking after his own personal business interests?" @RepAdamSmith, on Trump's proposal to export nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia.
  • RT @mj_lee: @RepJoeKennedy @RepKatiePorter @wutrain Piece will air on @OutFrontCNN tonight

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