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  • South Korean President Moon has a message for Kim Jong Un from Trump, sources say - CNNPolitics
  • US President Trump gave a message to SK President Moon Jae-in to give to Kim Jong Un: SK diplomatic sources. “I believe he (KJU) would be very, very curious about what my President would have to say after his meeting with the Trump administration.” #DPRK #KimJongUn
  • Initial US intelligence assessment is North Korea tested components for an anti-tank weapon not a fully operational new weapon as the regime claimed this week, according to a US official directly familiar with the latest assessment. From @barbarastarrcnn
  • The Kremlin says Kim Jong Un will travel to Russia in the second half of this month to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin #DPRK #KimJongUn #Putin
  • Samsung's Galaxy Fold is breaking for some early users

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