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  • So well said, @PRanganathan. It’s shameful that this continues to happen and that those in power continue to think they have a legitimate reason to act the way they do. Thank you for your words.
  • @ThatEricAlper “Things Can Only Get Better” by @howardjones. There’s something about those sage words...”Whoa whoa whoaaa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa” that always makes me feel better.
  • Happy Birthday,@jewelchic! I thought of you all day today. I’ve already seen the videos of the celebrations so know your day was grand. Wishing love and happiness in the coming year! 🌈✌️❤️ 🎂 🎉
  • Getting ready to drive through the TN mountains and thought @DollyParton needed to be on the playlist.
  • @katiecouric, I thoroughly enjoyed his interview with #jennifergarner - especially this part about not being afraid to be a novice. [For the record, this is just one of many of your interviews that I love.]

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