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  • @amandadeibert Every Friday after work, my husband, daughter & I would pack up our pets & drive 3 hours to the family compound on the lake. My mom would have popcorn and cold drinks ready & we’d play Canasta and trash talk each other until midnight. We all looked forward to it. Mom most of all.
  • @amandadeibert My mom had a wicked sense of humor. We have a family cabin in the mtns. Her sister always worried about leaving some wkend, forgetting to turn something off so one Monday mom had someone call pretending to be a fire chief asking if my aunt “used to have a cabin on such & such Rd”
  • @amandadeibert Just a slice of life. My father and I were very close. One of my favorite memories was just riding in the car sitting in the front seat and he would reach over and pat me on the leg or squeeze my kneecap and say, “love you sugar pie”. Nothing else ever made me feel so loved
  • @jopinionated Right back at you, Jo!
  • @howardjones Bless you for your #ThingsCanOnlyGetBetter song/philosophy. I was having a 1st World Problem that I was blowing way out of proportion in my head then your song (my fave) came on the radio & I was toe-tapping & singing and am now having a great day. Hope you are too.

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