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  • I’m just sayin’...when you’re recovering from double pneumonia, might not be the best time to watch @amyschumer’s new @Netflix special. Thought I was going to hack up a lung, lol!
  • @verge My favorite news to come out of #AppleEvent2019. @oprah documentaries and new book club!
  • And who knows more about the power of fandom than @DaniKind and @MelanieScrofano and #WynonnaEarp - #earpers rule! @PhoebesFandoms
  • @Oprah @Apple @Oprah Just DM’d you to say how excited I am for your news and especially about your documentary on mental health. That topic hits very close to home. Know you’ll handle the topic with the respect and empathy it deserves.
  • Look, @jopinionated. Here's Michael (in royal blue) in a scene with @hicusick on @ThePassageFOX. Cool!

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