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  • A little #HAHN just crossed over into #BigLittleLies. Mama getting into everybody’s business.
  • @PaulCBrunson @iamwesmoore @TheRock @BarackObama @JustinTrudeau @Bailey_Chase Paul, you get extra points on the great father scale because I know how much you have done to build great families during your career and life and how you’ve supported other dads and we all benefit from that. So, sir, thank you!
  • My own father is no longer here so today I’d like to give a shout out some of the dads in my feed that are examples of great fathers. I see you and celebrate you @iamwesmoore, @PaulCBrunson, @TheRock @BarackObama, @JustinTrudeau, @Bailey_Chase Happy Father’s Day!
  • @DanaPiccoli Blasphemy Vine?
  • Sounds like a great program. Thanks, @MilesWGXA for telling a story that has a feel good and tells about people in the world that are doing good things. We need more of this type of reporting today.

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