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  • @jm Thanks. Yeah, you’re right about consumer hostile. The service desk guy seemed like he was mad at me for missing my connection, lol. And the kicker is, the ride ended up only being about $30 cheaper than a real airline, after fees.
  • P.S. Forgot to mention the two times I tried to call and get help (after looking up how to navigate the phone tree to get to a person) they 1) Gave me a wrong number and 2) Told me to talk to the support desk in person (the one who had already refused to help)
  • But, lesson learned from me. Don't book with an airline with 10x the complaints as the industry average.
  • So, I was lucky enough i could afford to book again, and eat the cost. But I know a few of the other passengers were not so lucky and will be spending a couple of days in ORD, and @SpiritAirlines will do nothing but the bare minium they leagaly have to to help.
  • He refused to give us any hotel vouchers, meal vouchers, or attempt to book us on another airline. We could cancel the last leg of our trip, but they would only refund us for that leg, and they couldn't tell us how much that would be until their finance department looked at it.

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