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  • RT @KBAndersen: Day 1 “I shot somebody in the middle of 5th Avenue? Totally fake news!” Day 2 “The guy who claims he saw me shoot the pers…
  • @KBAndersen Day 4 Every politician shoots people on fifth Avenue, don’t be a rube Day 5 What about that one time Obama threw an almond at somebody
  • @MacMargi @mattzollerseitz Hmmmmm I’m not sure if that qualifies you for ivory tower status
  • @mattzollerseitz Also who the fk is going to get fired for not liking Ad Astra? I would love to visit the Three Days of the Condor conspiracy world some of these people live in
  • This is such a good and disturbing @fmanjoo piece. I will be surprised if someone from Fox News *doesn't* run in 2024. Trump's "Fox & Friends" exposure is at least as responsible for making him president as "The Apprentice."

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