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  • Hey @jason_kint thanks for watching. Listen to our full 1 hour interview here for more context: (And people should read the 10K you posted as well)
  • One-on-One with @google CEO @sundarpichai on if he (like @apple CEO @tim_cook) thinks privacy is a crisis, if Google will re-launch search in #China, and where he draws the line between free speech and hate on @YouTube. **CNN Exclusive** @cnn @cnnbusiness
  • What an extraordinary woman. What an extraordinary life. My friend and colleague @andersoncooper remembers his exceptional mother, Gloria Vanderbilt. Watch this:
  • And I asked multiple times. You can watch our #China exchange here: (Full 1hour intv on my @CNN #BossFiles podcast)
  • New #BossFiles podcast — In an exclusive interview @Google CEO @sundarpichai talks privacy, diversity, Artificial Intelligence, censorship in China, the spread of disinformation on @YouTube, & reacts to the expected US antitrust probe. **LISTEN** 👇👇👇

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