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  • @BenHoffmanNYT Exactly. This is a Grade B 'scandal'. Slap some wrists, say naughty naughty and take away a draft pick. End story
  • RT @JCMacriNBA: I don't think either of those qualify as panic moves. Trading a young player for a vet who they think would help win more t…
  • RT @brucepratt207: Don Cherry has long been a disaster waiting to happen and was constantly enabled by Hockey Night in Canada, Those who kn…
  • @morningmoneyben That was his pattern in his first mayoral race, which I viewed at one point as a joke #MyCrackedCrystalBall
  • RT @el_belson: ‘Emboldened’ N.F.L. Players Value Health Over Paychecks @nytsports

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