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  • THREAD in celebration of @ava on her birthday! #AvaDay
  • May your birthday be the ultimate celebration of all that you are and all that you have done to share light in a world that is searching for answers. Share kindness in a world parched for compassion. And share truth when it has never mattered more. #HappyBirthdayAva
  • 10. Ultimately, you are a gift. To those who know you and call you friend. And to the millions of people around the world forever changed by your words and work. #HappyBirthdayAva
  • 9. You are a beacon of joy. You see the beauty in the human experience and the thread of love connecting us all. #HappyBirthdayAva
  • 8. You celebrate those around you. You name them, you feature them online, you take a moment to speak with others. You understand that creating art & making change is innately collaborative and you don’t walk alone. #HappyBirthdayAva

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