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  • and accepting and little unicorns of light. ily @PTXofficial thank you for lifting me up in a really hard season and reminding me that i can be both a rockstar and a mommy. PS @KOlusola why we have no pictures wahh :( if you love them as much as i do gimme a 🍕 📸: @courtneykiara
  • When i was struggling with post partum anxiety this summer on tour, these people held so much room for me to just be myself, no matter what that looked like. I said it on stage most nights, but i want to say it again here: they are not only sooo talented, they are loving and kind
  • I feel so attacked. 🍂🍁🍂🍁
  • Let’s all send him some big huge love to make sure this is a success and ease his recovery. LOVE YOU ALL!
  • Selfie in a hospital bathroom 🐝 Kev just got wheeled in for surgery on his broken wrist and I’m wasting time till he gets out. He is the best guy in the world, best dad, best husband and all around sweetest man. Do you guys believe in the power of prayer? I do! ⭐️

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