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  • How is Mozambique addressing terrorism? Could its response be making the problem worse?
  • RAND's @cortney_dc talks #ArtificialIntelligence, ethics in scientific research, and challenges facing the intelligence community in this new Q&A:
  • Evidence shows that correctional education works. But it's important to understand more about - which program models are most effective - what program features work best - how to ensure long-term funding for prison education. New paper:
  • #Taiwan is almost certain to be a more challenging version of #HongKong when it comes to implementing “one country, two systems.” This suggests that the status quo in cross-strait relations is the best-case scenario for Beijing, says @DerekJGrossman.
  • New survey data from RAND's American Educator Panels suggests a lack of commonly used high-quality instructional materials for high school English and math, as well as for elementary English.

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