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  • RT @luisferre: As @anniecorreal writes, outrage on social media "often expands furiously then dies away with no resolution." In this case,…
  • RT @NickAtNews: The students in Ms. Holt's class were scared. But in 2019, they also knew what to do — to muffle their sobs, to keep thei…
  • It turns out it was a real-ish situation: the lobby was coated in some kind of fire extinguisher dust and a big window had been shattered from inside. But, after a while, the authorities let us return upstairs, where I’d left the door to my room open.
  • I feel like there’s probably a lesson in this: I was jolted awake by an alarm at 3:30 a.m. and forced to flee my hotel. In the bleary-eyed chaos, I grabbed my favorite pair of sneakers and a chocolate chip muffin but totally forgot my phone and medicine.
  • RT @katierogers: Lot going on in this tweet!

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