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  • @MsIsisKing @bjoewolf Had the best time with you! More adventures soon please!
  • I had the opportunity to talk to @PeteButtigieg about our shared experience growing up closeted in the Midwest — and the importance of honoring and protecting LGBTQ communities all across the country, including the rural ones like my hometown in Ohio! #LGBTQforum
  • We consistently saw the most vigorous applause and standing ovations whenever a candidate spoke about the urgent need to address violence against trans women of color. #LGBTQforum
  • Which candidate impressed you most tonight at the #LGBTQforum?
  • Today is the eight year anniversary of the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Allowing trans people to serve openly in the military is one of the top issues referenced so far. #LGBTQforum

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