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  • Keeping it just for the flight back to the states today.
  • After 2 months & 44 shooting days we’ve wrapped the @Disney movie Flora & Ulysses. We weren’t allowed to take photos on set or in costumes, so here’s a shot after we wrapped of the film’s star, Matilda Lawler & her movie dad celebrating our beautiful funny & heart warming film.
  • Now with 100% more photo. 9/14. Links in the thread. See you there.
  • Middleditch & Schwartz is doing 2 benefit shows at Largo on 9/14 for @RnfrstAlliance to support the response to wild fires in the Amazon rainforest. Buy a ticket, help the environment & share some laughs. 7PM Show: 9PM Show:
  • @TheRyanMcKee Joey was a Marcus Camby fan?

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